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Life is a game, play it. Live your life while doing anything you like. Anything is possible. EXO&BTR inspired me a lot. YEHET! :)



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Happy New Year ;D


Since it's the 1st January of 2014 hereby I want to wish all of you a happy new year! Muah muah haha lmao. Sounds nerd but who cares then -_- Wishing all of us having a great 365 days a year in 2014 xD Seriously can't believe I'm turning 14 this year TT.TT but I'm still a teen so never mind then. My days will be packed of SEM projects and PBS ohhhhmyy and it damn so sucks hmm I hope I can face all this challenges then. 

I Believe I'm strong!

It sounds much more better.

So that's it. 

Happy New Year!

Ben <3