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School TT.TT


Ohh you know what does it mean by that title? yeah school is gonna started. Dang it, I'm lazy to go to school but I need to so I can achieve my ambition. Well that's hard. How I wish I can be smart without studying but it sounds impossible :L What a life. I need to be grateful. At least my parents can afford me to school than some parents who can't afford their children to school. There's a lot of things we need to be grateful with. Praise the Lord for giving us a better life. I'd try hard to achieve a great ranks in my exams and try hard to achieve my dreams. 


Luckily I always remember what Kim Jongin's advice to EXO fans who's still schooling. It's inspired me more to studying even I'm lazy enough to study. So hwaiting! Be the best and put a big smile on our parents's face :D

And for sure I'm gonna miss all my Twitter's friends even we never meet.