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All about school

Annyeonghaseyo~ How's everyone? LMAO sounds nerd hoho

Ya know the school just started and seriously of course it's damn so bad hmm for me :< But I'm gonna write the great and cool stories first then ^_^

What's great when I come to my dorm? Of course I can meet all my friends ;D and I can online too that's why I still can on my Twitter when I arrived at my dorm. And we give our phone and laptop at night ^^ well all this time we need to give our gadgets to warden 6 pm so kinda bad but since the wardens understand u s a lot so they allowed us to use it until 10 pm Yehet! Okay another story. The warden just told us that our college just had 7 free wifis somewhere around the college oh sure it's great ;D and we might can bring tablets soon and surely I hope we can asap :3 When I come to my dorm, everything seems so new and plain -_- boringgggggg so I end up to sleep then ^^

So about the sad story hmmm
I heard some of the peoples keep on humiliating me :'( I almost cry for it but I can hold it. *sings baby don't cry -exo-* and I keep on laughing like I don't care for it but seriously it was damn so hurt. I'm starting my new year with my sadness :< That time just like a nightmare for me and I wanna go home so bad but my friends are there to cheer me up ^^ Thanks a lot. Thanks God too for giving me some reasons to smile and laugh until my stomach is hurt :D I'm happy and I'm ready to fight those peasants.
Okay then my college will hold a Taekwondo tournament at our college and the members need to participate it and yeah I'm nervous ;-; but I'm okay. My coach says we can't go home for holidays and that was awful but nevermind, I still can go training. There's a lot of things I need to focus on this year. hmm yeah ;D well okay that's it.

Ben <3