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All about school

Annyeonghaseyo~ How's everyone? LMAO sounds nerd hoho

Ya know the school just started and seriously of course it's damn so bad hmm for me :< But I'm gonna write the great and cool stories first then ^_^

What's great when I come to my dorm? Of course I can meet all my friends ;D and I can online too that's why I still can on my Twitter when I arrived at my dorm. And we give our phone and laptop at night ^^ well all this time we need to give our gadgets to warden 6 pm so kinda bad but since the wardens understand u s a lot so they allowed us to use it until 10 pm Yehet! Okay another story. The warden just told us that our college just had 7 free wifis somewhere around the college oh sure it's great ;D and we might can bring tablets soon and surely I hope we can asap :3 When I come to my dorm, everything seems so new and plain -_- boringgggggg so I end up to sleep then ^^

So about the sad story hmmm
I heard some of the peoples keep on humiliating me :'( I almost cry for it but I can hold it. *sings baby don't cry -exo-* and I keep on laughing like I don't care for it but seriously it was damn so hurt. I'm starting my new year with my sadness :< That time just like a nightmare for me and I wanna go home so bad but my friends are there to cheer me up ^^ Thanks a lot. Thanks God too for giving me some reasons to smile and laugh until my stomach is hurt :D I'm happy and I'm ready to fight those peasants.
Okay then my college will hold a Taekwondo tournament at our college and the members need to participate it and yeah I'm nervous ;-; but I'm okay. My coach says we can't go home for holidays and that was awful but nevermind, I still can go training. There's a lot of things I need to focus on this year. hmm yeah ;D well okay that's it.

Ben <3

School TT.TT


Ohh you know what does it mean by that title? yeah school is gonna started. Dang it, I'm lazy to go to school but I need to so I can achieve my ambition. Well that's hard. How I wish I can be smart without studying but it sounds impossible :L What a life. I need to be grateful. At least my parents can afford me to school than some parents who can't afford their children to school. There's a lot of things we need to be grateful with. Praise the Lord for giving us a better life. I'd try hard to achieve a great ranks in my exams and try hard to achieve my dreams. 


Luckily I always remember what Kim Jongin's advice to EXO fans who's still schooling. It's inspired me more to studying even I'm lazy enough to study. So hwaiting! Be the best and put a big smile on our parents's face :D

And for sure I'm gonna miss all my Twitter's friends even we never meet. 


Happy New Year ;D


Since it's the 1st January of 2014 hereby I want to wish all of you a happy new year! Muah muah haha lmao. Sounds nerd but who cares then -_- Wishing all of us having a great 365 days a year in 2014 xD Seriously can't believe I'm turning 14 this year TT.TT but I'm still a teen so never mind then. My days will be packed of SEM projects and PBS ohhhhmyy and it damn so sucks hmm I hope I can face all this challenges then. 

I Believe I'm strong!

It sounds much more better.

So that's it. 

Happy New Year!

Ben <3